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Reidel publishes scholarly books in the areas of philosophy, logic, history of science and, more recently, philosophy of law and linguistics. Its concentration is analytic philosophy. It has a strong presence in philosophy of language and, according to its product manager, is expanding its presence in ethics, phenomenology and the philosophy of religion.


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In the 1960s, Reidel was an independent publisher of primarily physics publications. They later joined with Kluwer in the 1990s and were purchased by Cinven and Candover, who merged them with Springer into the current conglomerate. Interestingly, Hendrik Edelman (founder of Reidel) had worked for Martinus Nijhoff and was trained by an ex-Elsevier manager named M. D. Frank, who referred to third generation Dutch publishers like Reidel as the “grandchildren of Aka”.

Reidel’s philosophy publication program is extensive and concentrates on analytic philosophy. They publish texts for advanced courses, original works and collections of papers from symposiums. They are also beginning to expand their publishing in the areas of philosophy of religion, phenomenology and ethics.


Reidel focuses on analytic philosophy, publishing texts for advanced courses and monographs. It also publishes books and journals on a variety of topics in philosophy, including the philosophy of law, the philosophy of science and linguistics. Its main journal, THEORIA, invites contributions on all areas of analytic philosophy and has a strong international reputation.

The Reidel publishing company was established in the 1960s and initially focused on publishing research in physics. The company later merged with Kluwer and the other Dutch science publishers, including Martinus Nijhoff and Noordhoff to become Kluwer Academic Publishers. Its founder, David Reidel, was trained by an ex-Elsevier manager, M. D. Frank, who considered third generation Dutch publishers like Reidel to be the “grandchildren” of Aka GmbH, Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft (Aka) of Leipzig, Germany.

Hendrik Edelman, currently teaches at the Palmer School of Library and Information Science at Long Island University in New York. He has a background in public libraries and is an expert on the history of scholarly publications.


Authors published by Reidel have written on topics in philosophy, logic and mathematics, with a concentration in analytic philosophy. According to a product manager, the company focuses on texts for advanced courses and original works. It also publishes collections of papers, mainly symposium papers. The product manager also stated that the company is expanding its publishing programme to include books in philosophy of religion, philosophy of law and phenomenology.

Reidel’s history is intertwined with the Dutch science publishing scene, which has its own unique influenced by World War II and subsequent events. In the 1960’s, Reidel published a primarily physics programme. It joined with Kluwer in the 1990s, and together was purchased by Cinven and Candover and became part of Springer Science+Business Media in 2004.

The editor rates a proposal on the basis of readers’ reports, compatibility with Reidel’s line and in-house market analysis. It is a very selective publisher and takes its work seriously.


Publisher’s reviewer rates a book’s potential to appeal to the target audience, quality of writing and its compatibility with Reidel’s line. In addition, the editor considers readers’ reports, in-house market analysis and, for topical subjects, the timeliness of the subject as important factors in evaluating either prospectus or manuscript for contracting. The company’s concentration is on analytic philosophy but, according to a Reidel publications manager, the publishing house has been expanding its publications in logic, philosophy of science and philosophy of law as well as other areas in philosophy such as epistemology, aesthetics and ethics.

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